Lacking Pace Bowlers In Squad Can Create Problem In New Zealand Pitch.

New Zealand: The host nation Of ICC World Cup Qualifier, the neutral venue for participative team. Nepal have already booked their place for the world cup qualifier by winning the ICC WCL DIV-3 championship. So, more importantly it is necessary to know about the pitch conditions of New Zealand.

As the pitches of New Zealand are similar to the pitches of England, and we were very well known about the batting and bowling condition in England pitches, where England hosted ICC Champions Trophy. It is quite difficult for batsman to set on the pitch, and bowler can take the advantage.
The ball swings a lot, so more over the pace bowler can take the advantage in such pitch. As the pitches in New Zealand are very close to the sea level, and mostly there will be wind. So, the wind alters the speed of bowler. Mostly the bowlers can be assisted by the wind, which accelerates the speed of bowler at one end, while from the other end the wind try to restrict the speed of ball, which creates trouble for batsman. So, there will be positive note for pace bowler than spinner. And it is very hard to make run in such a pitch, so it is going to be disadvantage for our inexperienced batting side of Nepal.

But Nepali team weapons is spin attack, we lack quality pacers in our team, but studying to the pitch of New Zealand, this time we must focus on pacers on the squad rather than spinners to strengthen the position for the race of ICC World Cup-2015.


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