Shakti can be a lesson to nitpick for Parash and Subash

Going by his recent performances, Shakti has been a chapter impliedly taught , yet ungrabbed by our front order batsmen, a chapter on how it should be worked on with temperament while with bat in hand .His allied immaculate defence to calculated risks , ability to steal singles near to crease to skimming of balls for boundaries with the same ease , a menace of him to the mettle , his built of the innings to its ways , by many different means he has been a role model to follow for his team mates especially Paras and Subash this tour . Subash has been given an extended run on the face of his patchy days with a deliberately drained hope -“He must perform” . But there is Subash who seems no hurried at all in placing a price on his wicket .He has been a bit tentative and much vulnerable ,a boundary or two here and there and feels his job accomplished. Shakti  by example himself runs an errand to khakurel ,it’s also by patience that a war be won ,not only flurries in haste do always .I wish Subash takes in a bit though me myself is not in
favor of curbing the ways he is as bestowed by nature , for it kills his efficiency and innovations .And he is there in team actually for the ways he is .But atleast he can be a bit calculative with his aggression .

On a chock-a-block built up of a Nepalese cricketing structure, as a major ingredient and a load bearing
pillar ,Paras  has always stood there visibly clear of a central and most important figure of Nepalese cricket ready to devour anything and in any volume .But in last four practice matches ,he seems to have gone down with his appetite .Firstly he has struggled to start off and if managed too has failed to capitalize further ,gifting his wicket just when he looks set .Shakti with his gritty defenses  with hardly any loopholes in there and with the presence of mind urges captain to have a sense of his stumps & the placement of fielders while batting himself (Paras ) .Shakti knows very well about how it goes
himself playing 100 balls and Paras doing the same .so, It’s high time Paras realize his worth . He is
a one in a thousand years born batsman and there he can’t afford to cut loose .He can’t anymore leave his team in lurch .Paras performs and not, team’s overall performances fluctuates from crest to the trough respectively .Nepalese team this tour has given its half so far, for Paras hasn’t contributed any. Means saturation point is still double to the miles of the just gone statuesque when Paras  gets on his own .It’s the fact which Parash must realize more sooner than later . It’s always easier said than done .Not sure about Subash for he never cares about the circumstance that he is in,Paras a cunning boy must have gon ewith a lot of calculations and plans in his mind .He should not go further, Shakti is there to pick ,for a lesson and try learning about how he has worked on with his temperament . He must believe he can where even Shakti has .

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