Senior T20 Fixture Announced, New Teams Nepal Army and Dhangadi In Same Group.

As Nepali Cricket team is on the road to T20 world cup, that will be held in Bangladesh before that Nepal will play t20 world cup qualifier in UAE, that will start from November. So, Pesi Standard Chartered  T20 National Cricket Tournament will be the base for the emerging and new players to impress the selectors and coach. So, overall this tournament will even be the reference for the players for world cup qualifier.

So, as the tournament will start from Ashwin 10- Ashwin 18. As 11 teams will be participating in the tourament, where Nepal Army Club and Region No. 9  Dhangadi are new faces in the tournament, while Nepal Police will not participate. 11 teams are divided into two groups, Region No.3 Kathmandu, Region No. 4 Bhairawa, Region No.6 Baitadi, Region No.9 Dhangadi and Nepal Army Club are in Group A, and similarly Region No.1 Biratnagar, Region No.2 Birgunj, Region No. 5 Nepalgunj, Region No. 7 Janakpur, Region No. 8 Pokhara and APF Club are in group B. 5 teams are in group A, and 6 teams are in group B, and they will play the game as per the rules of Round Robbin League format, and the group winner and runner up will proceed to semi final berth.


Fixtures of Pepsi Standard Chartered T20 National Cricket Tournament:  Time ( 1st game: 9:00 am/ 2nd game : 12:30 pm)

2070-06-10:    Biratnagar vs Birgunj /Kathmandu vs Bhairawa ( TU Ground)

Nepalgunj vs Janakpur/ Pokhara vs APF / ( Pulchowk Ground)


2070-06-11:     Kathmandu vs Dhangadi / Janakpur vs Pokhara (TU Ground)

Birgunj vs APF Club/ Biratnagar vs Nepalgunj ( Pulchowk Ground)


2070-06-12:     Bhairawa vs Dhangadi/ Birgunj vs Pokhara ( TU Ground)

Kathmandu vs Baitadi / Nepalgunj vs APF Club ( Pulchowk Ground)


2070-06-13:      A PF Club vs Janakpur/ Birgunj vs Nepalgunj ( TU Ground)

Baitadi vs Nepal Army Club / Biratnagar vs Pokhara ( Pulchowk Ground)


2070-06-14:       Bhairawa vs Baitadi / Biratnagar vs APF Club ( TU Ground)

Dhangadi vs Nepal Army Club / Birgunj vs Janakpur ( Pulchowk Ground)


2070-06-15:       Bhairawa vs Nepal Army Club/ Biratnagar Vs Janakpur ( TU Ground)

Baitadi vs Dhangadi / Nepalgunj vs Pokhara ( Pulchowk Ground)


2070-06-16:       Kathmandu vs Nepal Army Club ( TU Ground)


2070-06-17:       1st Semifinal: Group A winner vs Group B runner ( TU Ground)

2nd Semifinal: Group B winner vs Group A runner (TU Ground)


2070-06-18:       Final Game: Winner of 1st Semi-final vs Winner of 2nd Semi-final ( TU Ground)


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