What’s Next for Nepali Cricket ?

Just three months ago, everything seemed going great for Nepali cricket. Nepal was playing their first official international match, that too, in a world stage of T20 format in Bangladesh. The ever hard-working Nepalese cricketers enthralled us with their impressive performances. They were just unlucky enough not to qualify for the next round.It looked like the golden period of the Nepali Cricket had finally arrived.But we all knew that behind the curtains thing were not as it seemed.

Now come to present time. The hope of golden period of Nepali cricket is far-fetched as ever. Nothing good has happened to Nepali cricket after the conclusion of the world T20 in Bangladesh. The downward spiral began with the open but justified revolt by the national team members against the ruling body of Nepali Cricket (CAN). The incompetence of CAN members regarding the welfare of players led to this unfortunate episode. After that, the in-fighting between the members of CAN surfaced openly during the inaugural Ncell NPL where one faction led by then president of CAN, Tanka Angbuhang, supported the tournament while the other faction did not. Ncell NPL was the first major tournament to be endorsed by the major corporate house of our country but the indifference shown by the CAN official towards it will surely hamper the progress of the Nepali cricket in a long run.

Then came an another chapter which can probably be described as the ‘Icing on the Cake’. The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) indicted 18 members of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) on corruption charges. Thats right- 18 members- including the President and 8 Vice-presidents.Now have you heard anything like this anywhere in the world ? This case is still pending in the special court of CIAA. One can recall that our skipper Paras Khadka had said that further development of Nepali cricket can not be carried out by these group of CAN officials. One must admit he is correct in his assumption. Furthermore, the most successful coach of Nepal, Pubudu Dassanayake, had to leave Nepal with a heavy heart because of the apathy shown by the CAN toward him. He surely deserved more respect than this.

So, with so many ups and downs in Nepali cricket in such a relatively short span of time, the question arises, “What’s next for Nepali Cricket ?”.


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